Fast food has prospered due to the short time, the growing disinterest of people to cook, wanting everything, for now, has caused today, is one of the most consumed types of cuisine in developed countries.

In fact, the success of fast food not only comes from comfort and speed but also likes its taste and a lot! We increasingly like what we eat and that is the result of the improvements the fast food market has seen in recent years.

The result of this trend? It is clear that half of all Spaniards are overweight and, increasingly, cardiovascular diseases have an effect on our health. And it is that we must eliminate this bad habit of our diet until turning it into a type of exceptional food, that is to say, more like a caprice that like something habitual. Without a doubt, our advice from would be to drastically eliminate this type of eating habits.


Calorie saturation: some nachos with cheese, pizzas, hamburger with potatoes, are foods with an important excess of calories. If we add to this type of food our usual food consumption the energy intake is excessive.
Excess of saturated fats: fast food implies cheap food and cheap food implies cheap ingredients. This type of diet is usually cooked with low-quality foods such as cheap oils (palm or coconut) that carry a high level of bad cholesterol.
Lots of flavors: this type of food is characterized by exaggerating the flavor of the food and for this purpose additives or elements such as excess salt are used to boost it.

In short: Do you eat too much fast food in your diet? Do not think about it anymore, make your health insurance and we will give you all our recommendations to reduce this diet substantially because this habit can take its toll on your health and is cumulative throughout your life. Our doctors and endocrinologists will be able to help you improve your eating habits.

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