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IoT & Hospitality Industry Trends

IoT Trends


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology industry catchphrase that’s mostly attributed to the vast use and growing trends of mobile networking technology. One man has coined the IoT phrase as a leader and innovator within this industry. This man, Jason Hope, is an entrepreneur, futurist, inventor, and philanthropist who has revolutionized his image and projects through technology based research and development. Jason Hope has made the use of internet-enabled tech products an industry standard within industries that are not normally driven by technology.

IoT is simply a term for connecting technological devices such as tablets and mobile phones to online networks. These networks are essentially unorthodox in their functions. For example, an app can be used to order a cab by communicating with a switchboard of some sort within the transportation company that it is linked to. This is what the Internet of Things technology is capable of, but on a much grander scale. Because IoT is becoming more standardized, the average person is generally accustomed to using this technology in the form of apps, without having any real knowledge of what IoT is.

Jason Hope has an uncanny understanding of how this technology works. He has successfully used his knowledge and intellect to form accurate predictions and forecasts in the IoT industry. These forecasts have allowed him to create companies, entrepreneurs, advances in technology, and become a leader within several industries.

Hope’s Hospitality Industry Predictions


Jason Hope believes that the hospitality industry will skyrocket without any direct plan or structure for inbound marketing, through the use of IoT technology. People use apps on their phones and tablets to order food, schedule a pickup from Lyft and Uber, check the traffic with sites like Waze, and even find a date on sites like Tinder. This will obviously leave space for the Hotels and the hospitality to develop and increase sales. He predicts that hotels will create ‘smart mini-bars’ which can develop an automatic billing system for clients whenever something is removed. This type of tech advancement will eliminate additional resources for inventory and allow an auto refill process. In time, the hotel will save and make more money. Mr. Hope believes that this giant sector will create additional ways to use IoT based technology.

Jason Hope says, “As the Internet of Things becomes more pervasive, and consumers get more used to having these amenities… they will invariably end up demanding these same amenities be made available to them when they’re on the road, ……. simple things like being able to hook their smart phone up to the heating and A/C unit in their room, these are things that people are going to be expecting.”

According to a 2014 study conducted by Gartner, Inc., an I.T. research firm, hotels are expected to install over 26 billion air conditioning units before 2020. This is a 30% increase from the last survey which was taken in 2009. These service providers are expected to make millions by integrating IoT technology within the units for consumer use.